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Research teaches us that about half of performance is driven by being good at the competencies most important for success for a role. Why not identify those competencies and start using them to select, develop and manage people? 

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When individuals self-assess, they are less accurate than are their direct reports, their peers or their bosses. While we’re pretty good at figuring out our own strengths, we don’t do as well with weaknesses, and we’re particularly prone to miss weaknesses that have to do with personal or interpersonal skills. Are you interested to better understand how you are seen by others?  Want to be motivated to get better?

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Today, having a coach means that your organization sees value in you and wants you to become all you can be. Much of our coaching practice is focused on helping leaders make the transition to more senior roles. Are you thinking it might be time to bring in an executive coach, either for yourself, or for someone else in your organization?

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