It’s the connective tissue that gives any organism its strength.


For individual people, strength comes not from bones but from muscles, tendons and other connective tissue. In organizations, it works much the same way.  

You can have a collection of human resource best practices installed as part of your effort to create a world-class or preferred employer organization, but if they aren’t connected and mutually-reinforcing, it won’t work. 

We represent Korn Ferry and we are able to bring that connective tissue to organizations of almost any size. That “tissue” is comprised of a research-based and experience-tested competency library which will wire together all you do with people. We help organizations implement the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework. The library includes 38 Competencies which make up four factors: Thought, Results, People and Self, plus a group of 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers. It creates a common language for talking about talent in your organization.

Utilizing that framework, we can show you how to efficiently build profiles by level or by job and utilize strategic talent management tools that pertain to everything you do with people:

• Interviewing
• Assessment and Selection
• Onboarding
• Performance Management
• Development
• Feedback
• Coaching
• High Potential Identification
• Succession Planning

Why spend years trying to invent this content when it’s readily available and you can use it to produce results for your organization right now? Research teaches us that about half of performance is driven by being good at the competencies most important for success for a role, so why not identify those competencies and start using them to select, develop and manage people?    

Please call or e-mail us today. We’d love to help you build that connective tissue for your organization.

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“Clarke Peterson has been a strategic partner of ours for several years, first as our Lominger Associate, and now as our Korn Ferry Associate. He is always willing to help us with any aspect of our use of the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect suite of strategic talent management solutions. He listens and responds, brings us new products and ideas, and always seems to do his very best to help us. He's a trusted and respected partner, whom I'm happy to endorse.”

— Joe Garcia 
Senior Director
Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness 
The Home Depot


“Clarke is a not only a great partner but a wonderful person to work with.  He engaged with CARE deeply and helped us to advance our Talent Management effort on a global level. As a consultant, he brings his expertise but also listens and understands the real needs of the organization. As a result, he offer solutions that really work. I strongly recommend Clarke and Atlanta Leadership Consulting!” 

— Mare Fort
Regional Director
Latin America and the Caribbean CARE USA