Great leaders are made not born.


The quality of leadership makes a difference in the success of an organization. Great leaders are made, not born. 

There is a process to follow to become a great leader or to grow great leaders in your organization. We know the process, and we can help you follow that process yourself or install that process in your company. 

It all starts with awareness of a need. Someone once said, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” It’s true, and 360-degree feedback is the way to find out. 

We know from research that when individuals self-assess, they are less accurate than are their direct reports, their peers or their bosses. While we’re pretty good a figuring out our own strengths, we don’t do as well with weaknesses, and we’re particularly prone to miss weaknesses that have to do with personal or interpersonal skills. Facilitated 360-degree feedback helps leaders better understand how they are seen by others and become motivated to become better.

Awareness is the first step in the six-step process that leads to lasting change, and there is no better way to create it than through skillfully-facilitated 360-degree feedback. Clarke has delivered over 1,200 feedback sessions, using Korn Ferry’s VOICES® competency-based method for people on four continents. He’s done that work for a company where he served as the HR executive; he’s done it for client companies; and he’s done it for executive MBA students in a top-rated business school.

Gap analysis identifies those competencies that are high in importance but middle or low in performance, and from that group 2-3 are selected for development. Effective results-oriented development plans are crafted, including highly practical resources that can be used on the job, where the leader will use their team as a “learning lab”, trying new approaches in the process of gaining new skill. 

This very practical and affordable process is something we often call Leadership Development for the Real World. It’s not about attending a conference, or reading a book. Both are fine, but change and improvement comes from actually trying out new approaches, and that’s the process we support for leaders motivated to change.

We’ve seen many people achieve significant change following this method, and Clarke has co-authored peer-reviewed published research on the topic. If you’re ready to learn some new approaches that will pay off, or if you’re interested to learn more about this approach for your organization, please be in touch.

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“Clarke Peterson has proven himself an invaluable resource to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Using Korn Ferry's VOICES 360-degree feedback assessment as the basis of a developmental framework, Clarke is working on leadership development with quite a number of our more senior leaders. As a strategic HR consultant, he has been a significant contributor in helping us reshape and implement updated organizational Values that are now better aligned to our Mission.”

— Vince Eugenio, PhD
Senior Leader, Talent Development 
Boys & Girls Clubs of America


I’ve benefited from Clarke Peterson’s leadership and organizational development expertise for over 25 years. I’ve known Clarke in his roles as an HR executive and in more recent years as a consultant. As a consultant, Clarke has demonstrated that perfect balance between experience-tested, data-driven leadership and organizational development science and the art that is the “human” side of human resources. Clearly an expert in his field, he has consistently had a measurable impact on the performance of the individual leaders and the organizations themselves, for both companies where I’ve worked. I highly recommend Clarke Peterson and Atlanta Leadership Consulting.”

— Dane R. Austin, CPCU, ARe
New York Property Insurance
Underwriting Association